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888 Financial Calc Pro

開発者 Porsoft.PT

An all-in-one advanced financial app for financial advisors/planners and ordinary users to perform financial calculations, investment and retirement planning, statistics calculations, unit and currency conversions and track world clocks. Features:1. Real-time currency conversion: (a) Over 160 currencies, precious metals, Bitcoin. (b) Real time mode and off-line mode. (c) User-defined currency exchange tracking list. (d) Precious metals (gold, silver, etc) rates/calc. (e) Historical currency exchange rates lookup/calc.
2. World Clock: (a) User-defined list of clocks to monitor. (b) Clocks are automatically refreshed. (c) 12 hour or 24 hour time display option. (d) Analog clock display option.
3. Tip calculator: Calculate tips, sale taxes and split bill payments.
4. Mortgage Calculator: (a) Mortgage payment and APR calculation. (b) Monthly/biweekly payment calculation. (c) Amortization table. (d) Compare mortgages calculation. (e) Refinance Mortgage calculation.
5. Auto Loan Calculator: (a) Calculate the monthly payment, loan term or affordable vehicle price. (b) Option to specify trade-in is taxable or not. (c) Option to include/exclude sales tax in loan. (d) Amortization table to depict monthly loan balance and interest paid.
6. Credit Card/Loan payment: (a) Calculate personal/commercial loan payment, term or amount of loan that can be borrowed. (b) Calculate credit card monthly payment, term or maximum amount of balance that can be charged. (c) Simple interest and various compound interest rate options. (d) User-specified loan term or number of payments, and payment frequency.
7. Compound Interest investment: Calculate the total amount of interest that will be accumulated for a compound investment.
8. Bond investment: Calculate yield to maturity, bond duration and yield to call for a bond investment.
9. Retirement planning: (a) Calculate the annual retirement saving needed to support the projected life expectancy after retire. (b) Calculate the amount will be accumulated at retirement and how many years it will last.
10. Depreciation calculation: (a) Calculate straight-line, declining-balance, or sums-of-years-digits depreciation of an asset. (b) Depreciation table.
11. Equipment lease: Calculate the monthly payment or the annual yield rate of an equipment lease.
12. Time Value of Money: Calculate the present value, future value, annuity, interest rate or term of an investment.
13. Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return: Calculate NPV and IRR to gauge the soundness of an investment.
14. Unit conversion: Convert temperature, weight, length and/or liquid quantity from one unit to another.
15. Statistics Calculator: Calculate: mean, median, weighted mean, standard deviation and linear estimation.